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Properly Maintaining Your Commercial Generator

emergency generator repair

When it comes to commercial generators, you want options that help power your business when you most need it. That’s why you need to look to generator options that ensure that your business runs smoothly. As they say at Virginia Power Solutions, “Commercial generators are crucial in helping meet your most crucial business needs.”

Commercial generators need to be maintained to ensure that they work as intended. This is something to think about when considering emergency generator repair options to ensure your business is never without power. In this article, we’ll talk about the different ways on how you can maintain your commercial generator. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Clean The Area Around The Generator

It is crucial to remove leaves, dirt, and other debris on and around the generator on a regular basis. By doing this routine task, it will be easier to identify leaks or other issues. That way, you can avoid complicating any issues with the generator.

At the same time, cleaning the area of the generator will help make your emergency generator repair quick and easy. Even the smallest steps like these will help your generator run with great efficiency.

Check On The Cooling Systems

Another vital step in commercial generator maintenance is to check the cooling systems as stated in manufacturer instruction manuals. Like with cars, you want to check that the generator’s coolant levels are sufficient. That way, it doesn’t overheat and breaks down. You also want to check every line for leaks and address any leaks quickly to ensure your generator works well.

Clean And Check Your Battery

You always want to check that your battery is clean. That means check the battery’s terminal to ensure that it is free from corrosions. You also want to check that the connections are tight and aligned perfectly. In addition to that, it is essential to see that your battery is charged fully. This helps ensure that your business has emergency power when you most need it.

Change Service Parts On A Regular Basis

As you would with your car, you also need to give your generator proper care. When it comes to service parts, they can affect your generator’s performance as well as its lifespan. This makes it even more crucial to change your service parts like spark plugs and fuel filters. This will help ensure that your generator performs well when you need it at moment’s notice.

Check And Replace Oil On A Regular Basis

Regardless of the generator’s model, your business is using, you want to check and replace the oil regularly. You want to wait 10 minutes after the generator is off or when it’s cold to check the oil. When replacing the oil, you want to fill it just below the “full” line. Be careful to not go over the line. It’s advised to change your generator’s oil every 1000 hours it operates. For older models, it may be required to change it more frequently. This ensures that your generator runs well and lasts longer.

Inspect Alternator And Test The Transfer Switch

To inspect an alternator, you only need to visually look at it for any sign of damage. When it comes to the transfer switch, you want to schedule a mock outage either before or after business hours. After that, then proceed to check the switch. The way you do that is by turning off the power at the switch. Testing your alternator and inspecting your alternator will go a long way in ensuring that your generator is ready to go in case of emergencies.

Proper Maintenance Is Key In Ensuring Your Commercial Generator Lasts

No doubt that taking proper measures in maintaining your commercial generator will ensure that it works with great efficiency. In addition, you’ll be ensuring that your generator will last a long time and helps keep your business running smoothly. When an emergency generator repair takes place, you’ll rest easy knowing that it will go quickly. This will be thanks to the proper maintenance you took.

All of this is something to consider when choosing a top commercial generator service like that of Virginia Power Solutions. Whether you’re a small or large business, maintaining your generator will ensure that you have power in any given situation.

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