Stylish Showers & Tubs

There is plenty to consider when choosing from a variety of showers and tubs. From choosing a glass glazing company to deciding which frameless shower enclosures are best for you, it is a big choice to make. As they once said at Desert Empire Mirror & Glass, “You want frameless shower enclosures that help make your shower and tub the way you envisioned it.”

By choosing your shower room and tub design with due diligence, you will have a world-class bathroom. Read on and you’ll learn about the stylish showers, tubs, and tile colors that help make your vision a reality.

Frameless Shower Rooms

You likely have heard about framed showers. Those types of showers have a metal frame that goes around the glass and along the top and bottom of the door. Here is where things get different. Frameless shower enclosures like this beauty from Chappaqua, NY are held together with clips and hinges instead of frames. 

With frameless shower enclosures, you have the option to customize how you want it installed. This is thanks to the glass panels that allow greater flexibility for design. On top of that, frameless shower enclosures allow for clean visual effects that make it easy to show off the top-tier quality work. You also greatly reduce the risk of mold by going with a frameless shower enclosure.

This is something to consider when choosing a glass glazing company to install this stylish beauty into your bathroom.

Stand Alone Tub Designs

With stand-alone tub designs like this jewel from Mar Vista, CA, you have the flexibility to place the tub anywhere. It also helps your bathroom stand out amongst the crowd as guests walk into your bathroom. This is even more true if your tub is in the middle of the bathroom. Since this kind of tub is raised off the floor, you will be able to show off those fine tiles.

Add in a glazed glass tub enclosure and you will have the option of preventing splashes from reaching those fine floors. On top of that, the glass would prevent the steam and warmth from escaping your tub. All of this would help give your tub that nice relaxing touch as you take your relaxing bath. This indeed is something to look into when going with a glass glazing company.

Adding Color With Tile

You can’t have a world-class shower or tub without adding color with tile. When adding color with tile, it is best to go with materials that already have color. As seen in this Salt Lake City home, wood cabinets alongside porcelain tile for the shower gave this bathroom a more natural look. 

As designer Kayla Porter said, “We firmly believe in using materials that already have color. Let that do the legwork.” Going with natural material when adding color with tiles will help give your bathroom a more natural feel.

Frameless Enclosures And Natural Material Make Your Bathroom World Class

There’s no question going with frameless and tub enclosures along with natural color with tile helps make your bathroom all-natural. All this helps give you great flexibility in making your shower or tub a more relaxing environment  All of this is something to consider when going with a top glass glazing company like Desert Empire Mirror & Glass. By going this route, you will no doubt have a world-class bathroom that you and your guests will be proud of.

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